White Man told to ‘go back home’ in note found in mailbox

Photo: istolethetv (CC BY-2.0)

A Caucasian man in the Gloucester subdivision of Ottawa has called police after discovering a handwritten note in his mailbox informing him that “Canada is no place for terrorists or immigrants.”

Brendan O’Brallaghan, a second generation Canadian whose ancestors immigrated from Ireland, was actually born in Grand Bend, Ontario.

“Who would do this? My family has never been involved with Sinn Féin or the Irish Republican Army, or any other armed movements in Ireland,” he said. “It’s hard to say why I am being targeted, whether it’s because of my religious or political beliefs, or my ancestry or my colour. Maybe all of those things. I don’t know.”

O’Brallaghan has scanned the note and posted it to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. He doubts police will be able to do anything with the note, but he plans to continue to maintain a normal routine.

“I’m prepared to wait it out,” he added. “With new refugees coming, the heat will be off soon.”

Sebastian Panache

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