After being plied with dessert, Garbonzo was led away without further incident. Photo: Jenny Downing (flickr).

OAKVILLE—A police officer is recovering in hospital after a 75-year-old woman he tasered “became super strong” and “laid a beat down on him”.

Officer Jeff Mackelmoreal was on patrol Tuesday night when he noticed 75-year-old Sophia Garbonzo wandering down Trafalgar Ave. in an apparently disoriented state. She was holding a knife and fork.

Mackelmoreal approached the woman and ordered her to immediately drop the utensils she was carrying. When she did not comply, he tasered her in the stomach. Mackelmoreal was then caught off guard when, instead of dropping to the ground as expected, the woman went into what doctors call “beast mode” and began beating Mackelmoreal mercilessly. After punching and kicking him repeatedly, Garbonzo used the adrenaline flowing through her body to lift Mackelmoreal above her head and climax the beating with a full-on piledriver.

“The last time a Toronto police officer tasered an elderly woman she went down pretty quickly. I honestly wasn’t prepared for this woman to become an actual threat to me.” Mackelmoreal told reporters from his hospital bed.

This is the second time in recent memory that an elderly woman has been tasered by police in the GTA. Sgt. Paul Noonan, a member of the Peel Police Department, tasered 80-year-old Iole Pasquale in the summer of 2013. Pasquale died of heart-failure eight months later. Although Noonan was not reprimanded for the incident, he did receive a prestigious award recently for arresting a suspected GTA car thief.

Ironically, Officer Mackelmoreal also made headlines earlier this year when he was heralded as a hero for making a drug bust while searching for a pedophile.

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