NORTH BAY, Ontario—Shawn McIntyre’s unrelenting Facebook posts on subjects ranging from Monsanto to oil corruption make him a better person than all of us and we should be ashamed for not sharing his personal views.

“Not using your Facebook page to re-post obscure back channel news articles means that you’re part of the problem, man,” says Shawn, reminding us to “Stand up! Make your voice heard! And hit the ‘Share’ button!”

We should all rethink our political views to match Shawn’s, so as to not be labelled an enabler by him or the super cool people he affiliates himself with. So we asked him what can our readers do, right away, to become as cool as him; “Oh it’s simple, first buy a bunch of Che Guevara t-shirts, then become an impossibly awful person to hang around with,” adding “bracelets, bracelets are key too.”

“SOCIALIST NAZI PROPAGHANDA TRUTH—” he continued to shout a random string of super cool words until our Skype connection was lost, an unfortunate result of him not paying his Internet bill.

By Jay Milley

Lives in Toronto. Rugged indoorsman. Great with power cords. Follow on Twitter @jaymilley

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