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NEW YORK—Late Night talk show host and new father Jimmy Fallon has a new co-host.

“I know what people will say,” Fallon mused. “‘It’s a gimmick’ … ‘she’s too young’ … ‘she’s just eye candy’. But I truly believe she’s ready for this. She’s cute, she’s funny, she likes people, and people light up around her. Plus, I don’t think it’s ever too early to start in this business.”

Winnie Rose Fallon, 0, is slated to begin her co-hosting duties on Up All Night with Jimmy Fallon as soon as she gets approval from her pediatrician.

“We’ve gotten some pretty good mileage on ‘The Other Baby’ jokes about Kate and Will Middleton’s child,” Fallon quipped, “George is all set for life. I want the same for Winnie.”

But Fallon admits his motives aren’t entirely selfless.

“It’s also the right time. I mean, Weiner jokes and songs like ‘Balls In Your Mouth’ aren’t going to go over the same once I take up the helm on The Tonight Show. This is my last chance to go crazy on network television and I’m absolutely taking it. So tune in. If you liked me before, just wait until you see me completely sleep deprived.”

By Sebastian Panache

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