Nepean MPP and Ontario Cabinet Minister Lisa MacLeod flaunted the depth of her philosophical acumen in a swipe at former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne:

While this could easily be written off as a feeble taunt, her invocation of 1990 glam metal wisdom has perplexed some observers, especially given the overall romantic breakup theme of the work in its entirety:

That’s alright, that’s okay
We were two kids in love
Trying to find our way
That’s alright, that’s okay
Held our dreams in our hands
Let our minds run away
That’s alright, that’s okay
We were walkin’ through some youth
Smilin’ through some pain
That’s alright, let’s turn the page

writers: Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars

Whether MacLeod’s tweet suggests a long-concealed pain from the termination of a secret tryst with the former Liberal leader, or whether she’s just one of those ignorant sheep who hum along with the verses and blurt out the chorus without really ingesting any meaning therein, remains the subject of ongoing debate.

By Sebastian Panache

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