Photo: Military Health (flickr) 

New Age guru and best-selling author Irving Lanslinger is recovering in hospital after being badly beaten by several masked men after giving a seminar in Toronto.

Lanslinger was walking back to his hotel after giving a talk to a sold out crowd about the powers of manifesting wealth and happiness through positive thinking, when several men wearing ski masks approached him. The men proceeded to choke, kick and punch Lanslinger until he was unconscious with serious injuries.

The motives for the attack remain undetermined. Although the men did not take anything from Lanslinger, one of the men did urinate on his unconscious body before fleeing the scene. Some sources speculate the attack could be related to a failed one-time MMA promotion Lanslinger was involved with last fall. Others believe the attack may have been motivated by disgruntled former disciples of Lanslinger’s who failed to attain wealth after donating large sums of money to him.

Lanslinger became famous in the early 2000’s after his first book “Walking the sacred wisdom path: How to get rich without changing your lifestyle” became an instant best-seller.

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