Nobody has a problem with breastfeeding in public

Those who oppose breastfeeding in public don’t exist, but that doesn’t stop women activists from waging war against them.

“Be offended and think whatever you want of these women, but don’t force crazy laws or standards on other people,” demands Facebook user and self-proclaimed soldier against the war on women Leanne Raycroft.

While Raycroft has no children of her own to nurse, she posted a photo of a celebrity breastfeeding on her Facebook account. The picture was reported by an online friend for the reason of “nudity” and “distasteful humour,” and Raycroft was notified by the website.

Though a Facebook user reported the picture, website administrators decided that terms of use were not violated, and opted not to remove the photo from her page. Nonetheless, Raycroft accused Facebook of shaming her.

The photo was reported by Facebook friend Mitchell Slater, who says he’s “all about topless chicks,” but decided to report the breastfeeding photo as an act of retaliation – Raycroft once reported a Facebook group Slater founded called “Chicks with STDs from Hamilton.”

Slater said that Raycroft is enjoyable to “troll,” as her emotionally sensitive responses offer a clear perspective into the viewpoint of a pathetic social activist.

“[Raycroft]’s just picking a fight that’s easy to win,” Slater said. “When you go on some equality-charged rant about breastfeeding in public, it might sound like a tirade of controversy, but it’s a pretty safe bet that nobody smart is going to disagree.”

Slater reminded Mooseclean’s that there’s a difference between actual breastfeeding and posting photos online of breastfeeding. While mothers are legally entitled to breastfeed in public,, along with every other privately owned website, would be operating within the bounds of the law by disallowing photos of anything it considers inappropriate, no matter how subjective. But that’s irrelevant, Slater said, because Facebook does allow pictures of breastfeeding women.

But a double-standard still exists, Raycroft argued.

“We’re living in a society where breasts are supposed to be sexualized, just not as a natural way to nourish and sustain children,” she sighed. “But I will not be shamed into a bathroom,” she said of her hypothetical infant.

Those opposed to breastfeeding could not be reached for comment because they aren’t real.

Dan Walton

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