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A crowd of approximately 3,000 angry parents gathered in front of Queen’s Park in Toronto to protest the Ontario Liberal government and their radical sex-education program developed by a pedophile. The protest was peaceful but filled with mothers chanting slogans giving unwanted advice, and fathers with stern faces showing their disapproval of Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Premier Wynne dismissed the protest later in the afternoon, “We are thrilled with the sexual curriculum developed by a Liberal and convicted child pornographer. We will continue to implement the curriculum and will go ahead and start teaching ‘Masturbation Not Math’ in our public schools.”

Although sex and masturbation was already being taught in grade 6 to 11 and 12 year olds in Ontario in the 1990’s, the Ontario Liberals will start teaching children at an earlier age. Premier Wynne continued, “We’re going to have ‘Masturbation Not Math’ starting in grade 1 then our children will start to learn ‘Sex Not Science’ in grade 5. It will be very hands-on education for the teachers.” Both classes will continue through high school where they will also receive the choice for electives such as ‘Buggery Not Biology’ or ‘Pedophilia Not Politics’.

Nothing official has been announced but a key Liberal strategist leaked plans for outreach to NAMBLA to teach fun classes like ‘So You Need An Adult’ starting in Kindergarten as early as next year.

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