Viewers of the George Zimmerman second degree murder trial are on the fence about whether or not they should’ve invested 3 weeks of their lives into the show.

“I don’t know how this project ever got green-lit,” says entertainment blogger James Manfield, “the script was full of plot holes and frankly, the narrative dragged on in places.”

Lataesha Welland from Atlanta, Georgia held a different view, “My mom and I were riveted! That twist with the Skittles was genius. We can’t wait for the DVD box set!”

Local TV critic Paul Roberts believes the choice to go with a relatively unknown cast may have hurt the show. “The George Zimmerman character was poorly cast, in my opinion. Very wooden performance. They should’ve gone with more of a ‘Ryan Gosling’ type.”

Regardless of the divided opinion over the season finale, the ratings for CNN were through the roof, and The Hollywood Reporter is already hinting at a spin-off series “Dad Cop” featuring Zimmerman training schools of white suburban males in amateur combat and getting off murder charges scott-free.

By Jay Milley

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