U.S. Government takes vacation

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On October 1 the U.S. government shut down.  Kind of.  Congress failed to pass a spending bill for the fiscal year, which means non-essential government workers are getting an unpaid, unplanned vacation.  Unless you’re a member of Congress or the President, in which case you are still being paid while ensuring nobody else is being paid because of a work stoppage.  Mooseclean’s sent reporters out to hear how the average American is affected.


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Interview: Edward Snowden accepts asylum in Antigua

NSA whistleblower says he will stay in West Indies island paradise until the money runs out and the girls run home

Ending all speculation and a number of published rumours, including one that he’d accepted residence in Venezuela,  Snowden has finally announced the winners of his worldwide “harbour the fugitive” marathon of hope.  He spoke to Mooseclean’s at length to deliver his message of thanks.

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