Trudeau calls Dibs on assisted suicide

He and He Alone Gets to Pull Every Single Plug

Federal Liberals have voted in favour of legalizing assisted suicide. Leader Justin Trudeau, hesitant, at first, to reveal whether he would join with his party in endorsing Right to Die legislation, has now confirmed his support—albeit with the following stipulation:

“They all die by my hand and my hand only. Every single Canadian, irrespective of race, colour or creed gets to draw their last breath looking at my face, listening to my voice, grasping for a lock of my hair, however inelegant or pathetic the death grip. These are the values of egalitarianism and equal opportunity: Liberal middle-class values of mine and my father’s, the progressive and inclusive values that this great country was founded upon.”

Photo credit: Justin Trudeau, flickr

Richard Brennan

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