TORONTO—New video footage of the Sammy Yatim shooting has surfaced, Mooseclean’s has learned.

Unlike the most recently released variations widely published by the web and broadcast media—and all the other previous, cheap, amateur, inferior versions  circulating on YouTube at this time—this version captures the entire event in crisp, clear high definition.

Offering three entirely new angles plus a dramatic close up of the accused’s and officers’ expressions, the video has been digitally enhanced, colour corrected, and rendered in eye-pleasing 1080p. Five variations are available: the close up, the three new longshots in full screen, or a quad-screen split with all footage in synchronous playback.

While Mooseclean’s has not seen the video, two trusted sources verify that the video also contains enhanced sound, with selectable playback in Dolby HD and DTS surround sound. One of the sources, a very well-known film critic for a popular Toronto publication, provided this impromptu review:

“I believe this rendition definitively captures the human drama of the incident,” he said. “The tense postures and pained expressions really come through and resonate deeply with the viewer. It’s the next best thing to having been there.”

A THX mastered version is expected by the end of the month. The extended ‘director’s cut’ version featuring an event prologue, a (suggested) alternate ending, and a play-by-play commentary track should be released just in time for Christmas.

By Sebastian Panache

Editor-in-Chief. You can follow him on Twitter @SebPanache, except he quit posting there after Elon bought it. Search for Mooseclean's on Mastodon instead.

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