OP-ED: ‘Serial’ more junk food than balanced listening

After months of gossip, spoofs and overheard conversations, I’ve finally decided to check out Serial for myself. First step: figure out what the hell everyone is talking about. A new breakfast cereal? No. Oh. Like a serial killer? No. OH! A story told in a series of installments like in old-time radio days? Gotcha! Now what’s an Adnan?

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Jian Ghomeshi force choked me, young Jedi apprentice claims

A short time ago, in a municipality not far away, Cora Pell told us of a day long remembered: the time she nearly succumbed to the Dark Side.

“He was all cool when I met him in the Tos Queenwest Cantina,” she recalled. “He told me the Force was strong in me and that if I came back to his hut he’d show me its secret mysteries. But no sooner had he slammed the hovel door than he started up with all this kinky Sith shit. I tried to run.

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Radio-Canada is ‘here’ but still Radio-Canada, CBC says

OTTAWA—It seems that Radio-Canada is here to stay. Last week’s statement by executive vice-president Louis Lalande that claimed “From now on we’re just ‘here’, at least for now” has been dismissed by the Crown broadcaster as ‘a miscommunication’. Either that, or ‘now’ turned out to be a very short time indeed.

Mooseclean’s tried to reach M. Lalande for clarification of his statement but our messages were not returned.  When we dropped by his house, his mother met us at the door…

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Radio-Canada is still here. Somewhere.

OTTAWA—Radio-Canada, the French-language service for television and radio, has finally made it completely unclear who they are and where they are broadcasting from.

In recent decades the federally-funded network has often broadcast the phrase “Ici Radio-Canada” (translation: “Radio-Canada here”) in its station identification. However, the Crown corporation has announced that effective immediately they will be dropping both ‘Radio’ and ‘Canada’ and will be known only as ‘Ici’.

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