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TORONTO—Darren Grant of Scarborough, Ontario is having a hard time relating to his peers as he is not fully caught up on the new season of Arrested Development released this week on Netflix.

“I feel out of sync with the human race. I don’t understand anything people are saying anymore.” Grant explains. “Just give me a few weeks, I promise I’ll get around to it.”

But it seems too little too late.

Grant tells us his lack of Bluth Family knowledge has lost him all respect from his colleagues, and his friends and family have completely disowned him. He is noticeably frustrated. “Does anybody even work anymore? How have you people seen all of these already?”

We have a hard time feeling bad for Darren, as he has had 3+ days now to consume the 13 new episodes. And at an average of 35 minutes apiece, that’s only like, 8-ish hours tops.

By Jay Milley

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