Developer proclaims Hello Dolly ‘herpes for WordPress’

Like most people that host a WordPress blog, web developer Bryant Knight is excited when a new version comes out. New features, new look, but one distressing side effect: the return of the dreaded ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin.

“The first time I tried it out, I thought it was cute,” Knight recalls. “It doesn’t do much. It prints a lyric from the song ‘Hello, Dolly’ in the upper right corner of the admin screen on every page. That’s it.”

But the novelty wears off quickly, and while the plugin is easily deleted it’s impossible to prevent it from returning. When WordPress updates, Dolly comes back.

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Insensitive boy’s Facebook cancer announcement traumatizes millions

Millions of well-meaning adults and one broken-hearted child were left scarred and devastated yesterday after a photograph of a boy holding up a sign reading “I’VE LOST MY BATTLE WITH CANCER” was accidentally “liked” by 930,014,285 – roughly one-seventh of the world’s population – on Facebook.

“Why would they do this to me?” wondered an incredulous Nicholas Cranshaw, 7, of Vancouver.

“I’ve got six weeks left on this planet – is this really how people want me to remember it?”

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Always a favourite, never a retweet

Gill Renner of Fort McMurray, AB is an avid Twitter user with a problem.

“People seem to like my content, so I can’t complain too much, but they just don’t share it with anyone,” he says. “They give it a star, so I know they liked it, and they know they liked it, but no-one else gets a chance to like it because they never retweet me. It’s so frustrating.”

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