TORONTO—On October 31st,  Toronto Police confirmed they had a video that appears to show Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack.  Trick?  Or Treat?  Mooseclean’s took to the streets of Toronto for reactions.

Judy Spoon, 26: Is anyone really surprised by this?  The missed meetings, the nonsensical speech, irrational outbursts, paranoid thinking, decreased coordination…the man is obviously on drugs.

Carl Rower, 55: Ford didn’t run on a platform of remaining drug free.  All I know is my taxes still haven’t increased.

Ken Spichter, 19: I thought that guy was already in jail.  Didn’t Gawker report this video months ago?

Tessa Oppenheimer, 35: Nothing’s been proven yet.  And even if he is a crack addict, can’t they just send him to rehab?  My sister went to one of those 30-day facilities and came out a totally different person.  Maybe we’d end up with a mayor we can all endorse.

Brent Bostich, 42: This really gives credence to my Halloween costume of Rob Ford with a crack pipe. I was just gonna put pop rocks in the pipe, but now I’m going 100 percent authentic!

Sarah Hill, 28:  Just because Ford hangs around with known drug dealers, takes pictures with people who have been murdered and pops up on a lot of suspicious surveillance videos doesn’t  mean…actually, that’s pretty damning.  Why hasn’t anybody put this together before?

Lindsay Anderson, 53: What a man does in his private time is his own business.  Let’s judge Ford on his record.  He led the Don Bosco Eagles senior football team to the Metro Bowl in 2012!

By Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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