The Billings Bridge BLACKREDS, Ottawa football’s farm team, enjoys an occasional rugby match to break up the monotony of constant football practice.
Photo: Bill Harrison (flickr)

OTTAWA—The professional football team hailing from the nation’s capital has been called many things: Ottawa Football Club, Rough Riders, Senators, Renegades and REDBLACKS.  Currently, they are referred to simply as losers, with the worst record in the CFL and a paltry single win this season.

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Special K keeps the blues away

OTTAWA—Interested in a fast-acting, quick metabolizing anti-depressant that can also result in some pretty rad hallucinations?  Then get in line for some Ketamine.

“For reals?” asked surprised club DJ, Max Remix.  “My doctor told me I got depressed cuz I took too much Vitamin K!  And now you’re telling me he could prescribe it for my depression?  That makes me want to remix some Alanis Morissette.”

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