My Answer: Pure Virgin Wool

Q: Numbers 31:32 states that: “These were the spoils which remained of the plunder taken by the fighting men: 675,000 sheep, 72,000 cattle, 61,000 donkeys, and as for persons, 32,000 young women who had had no intercourse with a man.” Does this suggest that the 800,000 livestock had experienced intercourse with a man, or, like the 32,000 women, they had not had intercourse with a man? — S.C.

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John Paul II sainthood in doubt after miracles challenged

VATICAN CITY—Pope Francis fielded questions today from a small crowd of mildly-annoyed protesters gathered in St. Peter’s Square. The group alleged that John Paul II’s rush to sainthood, while arguably valid, failed to look at the real miracles he had achieved.

“Don’t get me wrong here. I liked Johnny as much as anybody—but he was no miracle worker,” said Luca Badin, “except with a deck of cards.”

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My Answer: Blessed are the meek

Dear Readers: As Mr. Graham is now quite elderly and in poor health, he is occasionally given to frankness and blunt language that may seem uncharacteristic. Please forgive him, as God undoubtedly has. —The Mooseclean’s Editorial Team

Q: What did Jesus mean when He said the meek will “inherit the earth”? Am I supposed to be doing something to prepare? If so, what? — S.C.

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