Passport hopes dashed

VANCOUVER—Now that Canadian passports can be renewed for ten years, local thirty-something Melanie Bart was looking forward to her stunning new picture.  “I thought this was my big chance!  I could take a really good photo and use it for ten whole years. It was my moment to shine.”

What Bart didn’t prepare for was a malfunctioning photo machine.  “The clerk told me that their passport camera had been down since that morning.  I felt myself start to panic – my window of opportunity to take the perfect picture was closing.  I had to act fast…

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Ontario man hacks vehicle computer to pass emissions test

When his 2007 Corolla failed to pass Ontario’s “new and improved” Drive Clean program, Thomas Callaghan was aghast.

“I just can’t believe it,” he told Mooseclean’s. “Two years ago the exhaust fumes for his car were negligible. Now it’s failing just because the on-board computer says there’s something wrong. News to me. The check engine light has been on for 3 years now and the mechanics can’t make it turn off because there’s nothing to fix.”

As a computer repair technician, Callaghan wondered if there was something he could do.

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Syria legalizes marijuana

In adopting Uruguay’s new model of regulating the legal sale of recreational marijuana, the Middle Eastern nation of Syria has passed a bill which will allow the legal sale of the drug throughout the country.

“Not only will this add vibrancy to our unique tourism industry, but the legalization of cannabis will liberate our people against the arbitrary restriction against one of our God’s earthly creations,” said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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